Welcome to my Second Life

Dizzi Sternbern in front of the Castle of Shallot

Hi, my name is Dizzi Sternberg. I live with my Valkyrie Sisters, NightShade and Janet, in a land called Folkvang in the Lexicolo region of Second Life. This Castle is my home, it is in an area I call the Island of Shallot and is based on the poem “The Lady of Shallot” by Alfred Lord Tennison. 

Folkvang itself is a Norse themed land, representing the home of the Goddess Freja in Asgaard. The land is surrounded by a beautiful park, and there is an authentic viking settlement by a huge lake. The whole of this area is open to the public for their enjoyment and there are various means of transport dotted around the area for people to ride on and hear a guide to the area. Just look for the maps on display or the brown posts which can rezz (spawn) new vehicles.

One of Folkvangs Tourist maps

If you have a second life avatar then please pay us a visit, we would be glad to see you. You can teleport to our area by clicking the SLURL below


This Blog will chart some of my adventures within Second Life and also show some of my building projects. I hope you enjoy the ride